Book Review: Where is God

September 27, 2010 at 11:11 pm (blog)

We’ve all been there. We feel it as we sit in the waiting room at the hospital, waiting for the word from the Doctor about whether or not they were able to get all of the cancer. We feel it when we have to drive our child to their doctors appointment, so toxic radiation and chemo can be put into their bodies.

In times of personal trial and struggle, we ask ourselves “Where is God. Where is the God that supposedly loves me enough to die for me, yet he makes me have to face this situation. He has all the power in the world to change these circumstances if he really could, yet he doesn’t”. “What kind of God would sit up there and twiddle his fingers while we are down here barely surviving these heart-wrenching dilemmas we all face.

In the book “Where Is God”, author John Townsend discusses the mindset of these thought patterns. He articulately describes what most people feel at some point in their lives when they wonder where is God. It is in times like those that God’s true power and mercy are able to be felt more than just seen with our eyes. He intervenes on our behalf when we just don’t have the energy. He offers a safe place of refuge, even when life itself seems unbearable.

What a great reminder that our perspectives are often skewed so we can’t even see what is really right there all along.


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