The Face of Jesus

April 1, 2010 at 11:38 pm (blog)

I’m skeptical by nature, always questioning and analyzing everything to death.  I don’t accept things as fact until I am really convinced of it.

The Shroud of Turin is no exception.

I’m a history lover.  The relics and items that have withstood years upon years of time and still exist in one piece are nothing but extraordinary.  To lay my eyes on something that someone that lived thousands of years ago also gazed upon is nothing short of a spiritual experience for me.  It stirs up so much emotion and awe.

For years scientists have tested and retested the Shroud of Turin, trying to either confirm or deny the validity of the theory that it’s the actual burial cross of Jesus.  I have a hard time believing that something so controversial back then was allowed to be passed on to future generations.  Isn’t that part of what the Crusades were about?  And eventually the Crusaders were executed and killed off, leaving no organized group to be in charge of assuring any item was protected and kept from destruction.

However, I’m not sure that’s really the point.  Reflecting on this Easter season, the mental images of the Cross and Resurrection are on the minds of countless believers.  Watching this video brought tears to my eyes, not because it convinced me that the face I was looking at was actually Christ, but because it took the guess work out of the cross.  No longer are we left with mental images the crucifixion paints for us.  We do not need to pour over the texts to understand how sincerely brutal every act of crucifixion was.  To see that and realize that this is what the end results were for many people made my heart sink.

Then came the realization that this was not the end result for every case.  There is one case in particular that affects all of us on a deep, personal level.  Whether you believe it or not… whether you accept the Word as true or not, the shroud eliminates the need to theorize.  What we now have the advantage of looking upon is what took place, as part of factual history.

How this affects you personally is your own journey. On this Good Friday, take time to reflect on this, regardless of where you are on your spiritual path.

Thanks be to God.


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