Movie Review: Nightmare Before Christmas

October 24, 2009 at 11:14 am (blog)



I think this was the first time I actually watched this movie all the way through.  It seems like my Mom didn’t want me to watch it when I was younger.  Much of the older generation does not truly appreciate the magic of claymation.

I had a basic idea of the plot, and I knew of the main characters.  This movie is generally enjoyable.  It is an interesting approach to the commercial holidays of Halloween and Christmas, smashed together in one movie.  The way the two are intertwined is original and entertaining.

Being an animated film, the PG rating is surprising, but it is warranted.  There are some scary scenes that may be frightening to very young viewers, as well as a somewhat morbid theme in general (think “Igor” and “Coraline”.)

It’s enjoyable and makes a great addition to the countdown to Halloween…and Christmas!


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  1. royal pike mendoza said,

    the nightmare before christmas

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