Fall on the Natchez Trace

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Yesterday was a fun day! I was feeling good, which was a welcomed change. With all of the weather grossness, my breathing has been pretty rough. I have a tendency to over do it the second I’m feeling some relief.

I desperately needed to get out! I was starting to feel the tug of cabin fever, and I knew the winter blues were not far away.

So, a couple of friends and I piled into my car and took a drive. We trapsed out the Natchez Trace, which is a scenic roadway that runs from Nashville down to Tupelo, MS. Parts of the “Old Trace” are still visible, and walkable. It dates back to the days of pioneers and indians, and all of the bartering and trading that made Nashville what it is today. There are little historic stops along the way. I am a lover of history. I love to see how everything is connected, and discovering how something so mundane from so long ago somehow affects who I am today.

The scenery is gorgeous out that way. The farther you go, the more scenic it becomes. I was hoping for some pretty fall foliage. I was not disappointed!




  1. Shane Vander Hart said,

    Sweet pictures – I love autumn, but where I live in Iowa we don’t get foilage quite like that.

  2. jesie said,

    Thanks for sharing those lovely fall pictures. I find that we have a pretty fall with colorful leaves this year in many places in the US.

  3. wanorizan said,

    Love those photos.. :)… I live in Malaysia, never felt autumn..

  4. John & Deborah LaPorta said,

    WoW It shure is beautiful this time of year.We live in Ridgeland Mississippi
    just north of Jackson .The Trace is about 2 miles from my front door
    I go out there often to fish and take in the nature . GOD DOES BEAUTIFUL WORK

  5. sallykent said,

    Thanks for your comments everybody!

    Shane and wanorizan: You have just GOT to take a fall trip somewhere that the leaves are so colorful. This is my favorite time of year! I’m dying to go up to the New England states and/or out in the Rockies at some point to see those vibrant colors!

    John/Debora: Someday I want to drive the entire length of the Trace, and stop and see everything between Nashville and Tupelo. I’m guessing that will be more than just a day trip! Maybe we could meet up for a stroll! 🙂

  6. Michaela said,

    wow! i love your pictures. they’re amazing. good job!

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