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I’m such a geek.  I love to learn about the history of pretty much everything.  It’s so cool to think of the people that have lived on this earth over the course of centuries, and how each person was significant in their own way, leaving a lasting impression for those coming after them.

I randomly ran across this site.  I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I definitely spent quite abit of time just looking at the places that have historical value as far back as the very beginning of time.  Some day I will walk on those dust covered streets.

Check it out



  1. reba said,

    This is a cool site! I want to go there too… ROAD TRIP! (or something like

  2. Daniel Amaral said,

    Hi, Sally.

    Very good job you are doing here. Congratulations.
    Thanks for coming to my community in MyBlogBlogs.
    Regards from a Brazilian in Portugal.

    Thanks again…


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