happy september

September 2, 2007 at 4:42 am (blog, journal, photo, photoblog, photography, pictures, Uncategorized)

Wow, even though the temps are still scorching, the first of September always feels like the summer is finally coming to a close. This year is no different. Temps actually made it down to about 69 degrees overnight. I think it is supposed to be the same tonight. How exciting!

I’m getting my introspective itch that I get with each season, but for now I will hold off on the rambling.

Today was a slow day. After being sick all week, I needed a slow day to sort of regather myself. This was the first day I actually felt like being productive. I ran errands this morning, but the rest of the day was spent at home.

I did something really stupid last night. I thought maybe it was time to introduce Sandy to a new smell. Since the babies are getting bigger, they will soon be weaned and ready to find new homes. I had Casey out and brought Sandy out to try and slowly get them both used to different smells. At first they were both hesitant and passive. All of a sudden Sandy jumped on Casey, biting her in the neck. I had a hard time getting them apart. There was blood, and Casey was obviously in pain. I wasn’t sure what to do except put her in her cage and hope she recovered. I wasn’t sure if she had bled too much. I mean, how much blood is really too much for a hamster to lose? They are such small creatures.

I noticed this morning that Casey is not feeling good. She seems to have a hard time with her regular food. I started spoon feeding her oatmeal every hour throughout the day, just so she wasn’t starving. I got some vitamin stuff to add to her water, so hopefully that will start helping her heal.

Here’s the poor girl with her swollen face:

I looked and looked, but I can’t seem to find her wound. The left side of her face/chin is really swollen. Maybe it was actually her cheek pouch that was affected. I wonder if the inside of her mouth is actually what was bleeding since I can’t find a cut anywhere on her.

I feel so horrible. I know I’m not completely responsible, but I still shouldn’t have put them together knowing how territorial they are.

Here’s some exciting news…

All of the babies opened their eyes today! Now, all of a sudden they look like real miniature hamsters.

They are sure growing fast

Here’s the gang enjoying some leftover oatmeal. Notice how large the spoon is compared to them

Anyway, that’s really about all I have to report. I’ll try to write more tomorrow.


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